Discover the Power of Storytelling with Charles Belvin Productions

Discover the Power of Storytelling with Charles Belvin Productions

With more than 30 years of experience in video and television production, we understand the importance of composition, lighting, and sound quality and how they can impact the overall message and viewer engagement. We offer a range of services, including writing, shooting, directing, editing, animation, and motion graphics, and are committed to maximizing the production value of every project, regardless of your budget. With our extensive experience and versatile skillset, we're known for thinking outside the box and delivering powerful, compelling videos that help you connect with your audience.

Trust us to help you bring your vision to life and take your video production to the next level.

Charles Belvin - Founder & CEO, Charles Belvin Productions

Charles Belvin, the Founder & CEO of Charles Belvin Productions, is a multi-talented and award-winning video producer with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Charles has earned four prestigious Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards, among many other accolades.

Charles Belvin - Founder and CEO of Charles Belvin Productions in Tallahassee, Florida

Charles Belvin - Founder & CEO, Charles Belvin Productions

Charles Belvin - Founder & CEO, Charles Belvin Productions

Our mission is to create visually stunning and emotionally impactful films and videos that convey our client's message in the most compelling way possible. We achieve this by leveraging our extensive experience and diverse skill set, offering tailored solutions to maximize production value and consistently deliver outstanding results.

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"Charlie Belvin has the deep experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to make any video project a great success. In short-form or long-form projects, he always hits the mark of excellence -- and he knows how to capture any person, place, or thing in its best light. Charlie is a real-life "Captain Video" and a multiple Emmy Award-winning star -- and if you needed a producer/director to reflect the birth of a baby or the end of the world, and anything in between, he's the best!"

Ron Sachs

Founder/Chairman of Sachs Media

"For two decades, I've engaged Charles Belvin Productions to level up my clients' public affairs campaigns across the country. I can attest to Charlie's storytelling talents that have made him a 4x Emmy Award winner. The secret to Charlie's success is he is a collaborator who comprehends complex issues, and then creatively produces visual impressions that not only cue the desired emotional responses, but more importantly, humanizes the subject matter. Charlie is an exceptional director, editor, and writer, who exceeds my high demands for persuasive video communications."

Patrick J. Slevin

Head of SL7 Consulting

"Charlie Belvin is my first choice for video production. He brought our ideas to life in ways we never could have imagined. He provided end-to-end guidance and expertise, helping us write and plan our production and then making sure we executed. He brought the right partners together to make a top-notch production, and helped counsel and guide the on-camera talent to be their very best. His years of experience helped us get the right shots, avoid the wrong ones, and impressed our funders and partners. Charlie is committed to his clients and makes sure projects evolve to their very best. Charlie will forever be my first call when we need to film."

John Koufos

Producer and Host: Retaining Talent

“I have worked with Charlie Belvin for production services for our firm and clients for more than 15 years, and he has always been a consistent and reliable wellspring for creativity, clarity, and quality audio and video products delivered promptly at a fair and reasonable price. He is a great collaborator with outstanding vision, technical expertise and a commitment to exceeding expectations.”

Rick Oppenheim,

Founder, RB Oppenheim Associates

“Charlie Belvin is a creative genius. He brings out the best in everyone by capturing just the right words and images. Charlie is the go-to guy for professional video production with powerful impact. Expect a standing ovation every time!”

Jack Levine, Founder,

4Generations Institute

Some of Our Clients

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